Waterjet cutting incorporates a high velocity stream of water accelerated through a diamond orifice and when combined with abrasive are extremely precise machines. Small kerf widths, low contact force, no heat, and capable of tolerances up to +/-.005” these machines offer many advantages over other processes. The higher precision provided by these machines often produce a high enough quality to virtually eliminate secondary processes. We also work with several customers to “pre-machine” features when using conventional machining methods for faster cycle times on particular parts.


Omax 55100

Work Envelope:


Rapid Travel Speed (x,y):

180 in/min



Maximum Material Thickness:

6” Mild Steel

Materials Capable of Processing:

Nearly anything

Waterjet Cutting FAQ

How accurate is water jet cutting?

Between +/- .005” and +/- .010”

How thick can you cut with a water jet?

Our water jet can cut 6” thick of nearly any material.

How does a waterjet work?

A high pressure stream of water focused through a diamond orifice and combined with an abrasive called garnet produces roughly 60,000 psi of cutting pressure which is necessary for cutting metals.

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