High Definition Plasma Cutting

Custom Part - High Definition Plasma Cutting Service In Visalia, California - Cutting Edge Precision

Maximum Productivity

Plasma cutting is often a more cost effective solution to those not needing the high precision of laser or waterjet machines. High definition plasma is the latest technology and greatly improves on precision and edge quality when compared to legacy machines. User friendly controls, lower maintenance costs, and lower operating cost allows us to provide this service to a consumer well suited to its benefits.


Axis Epsilon 130 Amp HPR Hypertherm Power Supply

Work Envelope: 72”x144”

Rapid Travel Speed (X,Y): 750 in/min

Accuracy: .031”

Maximum Material Thickness: 1.25” Mild Steel

Materials Capable of Processing: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Plasma Cutting FAQs