the Industry standard

Laser cutting is the industry standard when it comes to making complex parts quickly and accurately. Fiber lasers are on the forefront of this technology and capable of producing thinner parts at a higher speed than CO2 lasers while utilizing less energy. Faster processing speeds when compared to other machines RESULT in lower cost per part.


Mitsubishi SR-F 4KW Fiber Laser

Work Envelope:

60”x120” with shuttle table

Rapid Travel Speed (x,y):

4724 in/min


+/- .005”

Maximum Material Thickness:

½” Mild Steel

Materials Capable of Processing:

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass

Laser Cutting FAQ

What materials can you cut?

Our laser is best suited for mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium. The waterjet can cut nearly anything. Our plasma is great for mild steel and aluminum and stainless when hole tolerances aren’t as accurate as other processes.

What is the largest sheet you can cut?

Laser 60”x120” Waterjet 48”x96” and Plasma 72”x144”

What is the tolerance of the your machines?

Laser tolerance is typically between .005” and .010” but if necessary we have processed parts within +- .002”. Waterjet is typically suited best for parts between .005” and .015” but it can vary depending on thickness. Plasma tolerances are +- .03125” to +- .0625”

Do you charge a setup fee?

All jobs require programming and setup time to load and cut the material. The larger the quantity the better price per part but we run jobs from one off’s to 1,000’s

I don’t have a file. Can you generate one for me?

We utilize the latest in CAD software to prepare files for processing. If you need our help drawing a file we would be happy to help. If you have already have one here are the acceptable file types; .dxf, .dwg, .eps, .ai or if you have solid models generated in Solidworks or Inventor we can take those as well.

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